Discover 5 reasons for you to try a Thai massage

A traditional Thai massage is significantly different from other types of similar treatments. It is often compared to yoga with elements of physical therapy, although it may be more accurately described as “yoga for the lazy.” This massage uses stretching and rocking techniques to relieve tension and increase flexibility and range of motion. The therapist uses hands, knees, legs, and feet to perform a series of yoga-like exercises, and performs deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure.

What are the most important benefits of this massage style?

A Thai massage also employs the benefits of energy, which, according to ancient culture, works on the energy field in the body. It corrects blockages and deficiencies in the flow of this energy, which is believed to improve the client’s health. However, the benefits of this type of spa treatment go much further. Here are a few of them:

1. What matters is here and now. With this massage technique, you should focus on yourself and your mind. Just like in yoga, your job is to clear your thoughts and fully feel the moment you are in. Let your body and mind flow with slow, methodical movements that rock you into a calm, concentrated state. Freeing yourself from the hustle and bustle around you and the overload of life affecting your senses, Thai massage provides you with time and space to release stress and tension.

2. It has a positive effect on the quality of sleep. A massage performed at night or in the evening is the perfect way to introduce your body and mind to regenerating sleep and rest, which will allow your body to rejuvenate and feel refreshed.

3. Relief for aching muscles and joints. One of the immediate effects of relaxing with a Thai massage is how kneading, rocking and static pressure can work their therapeutic magic on tired and sore muscles and relieve joint tension. As muscle mobility improves and stretching is added, muscles and joints become less heavy and the pain is alleviated.

4. Effect on energy flow. By pressing along the so-called Sen lines, energy is moved around the body so that any restricted or blocked flow is released through chakras, which are similar to traditional acupuncture points and trigger points. Movements that manipulate, massage, stretch, and create pressure are a way to maintain your inner balance and connect your body and mind in harmony.

5. Improving the condition of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. As the body’s energy is equalized, it is believed that blood pressure becomes lowered. More oxygen and greater detoxification help improve mental clarity, increase energy levels, and have a number of health benefits, such as reducing the burden on the cardiovascular system. Thai massage is an excellent antidote that will prove useful after a long flight, a day of sightseeing or simply to fight the effects of tropical heat.

Is the massage painful?

Compression of sensitive muscle fiber adhesions can hurt, but there is a difference between this type of discomfort and pain from excessive or inappropriate pressure, and stretching. While it can be difficult to avoid some discomfort when tightening the muscle knots, a qualified, licensed therapist should be able to adjust the pressure and movements of the massage so as not to cause discomfort and to maximize the benefits of this type of massage for the client.

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