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This place was created out of love and need – love for the extraordinary tradition of Thai massage and the need to create an oasis of relaxation for the body and mind that we can immerse ourselves in when the rushing world begins to overwhelm us.


This is not just any massage salon in Warsaw. All our therapists come from Thailand and have been awarded a Thai Traditional Medical School diploma. You can be sure to experience the original and ancient methods of Thai massage which combines elements of yoga, acupressure and reflexology.

The menu of our day spa includes a classic Thai massage performed on a comfortable mat, an original massage ritual for which we use 100% natural oils, a candle massage and healing foot reflexology.








Before every massage, you are free to choose the scent of the oil that will suit your current mood. The therapist will pick the proper massage techniques so that your treatment brings you the most therapeutic and relaxing benefits possible. You can also ask to turn on your own music, as each room is equipped with a smartphone docking station.


We make every effort to ensure that your visit to the spa is an unforgettable experience every time. We particularly emphasize the quality of service, and our goal is to ensure the highest safety standards. Each treatment is performed in a separate, quiet room to guarantee privacy and comfort throughout your whole stay. All rooms are also disinfected and aired after each visit, and the towels are replaced with clean ones.

Your satisfaction and feedback are our priority. Because of that, after every visit you will receive a message asking you to rate your stay. If you want to find out what our guests are saying about us today, click the link below.

See you in “Thai”. Every day from 12 pm until 10 pm. 360 days a year.

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