Healing the body with foot reflexology

Our feet are a kind of microcosm of our body. By pressing the right points, we can stimulate our internal organs to heal. Therefore, if we regularly receive a reflex foot massage, we can get rid of many health problems.

Reflex foot massage and its benefits were already known and appreciated in ancient times. It was being practiced in China, Japan, Greece, Egypt and Sumatra. One of the first “pictorial” evidence of the use of reflexology is the Egyptian mural relief from the tomb of the sun priest Ankhmahore in Saqqara. It depicts four men, two of whom, with darker skin, massage the feet of the other two men. The signature below is a dialogue: “- Don’t hurt me. “- I will act so that you praise me”.

Since then, reflexology has been considered an art because the effects of therapy depend on the therapist’s manual skills. The hands and fingers of an experienced therapist play the leading role here. Only a conscious, precise, deep and rhythmic massage technique will trigger mechanisms that provide balance and health.

During the massage, reflex zones and points (receptors) located in the tissues of the feet that correspond with individual internal organs, whole systems, body parts and physiological functions are stimulated.

How is this happening?

This kind of “correspondence” occurs and is activated through nerves, fascia and energy channels or meridians.

This is a phenomenon of the reflex arc occurring in our nervous system. Using this safe and natural method, we activate the mechanisms of regulation and regeneration of the entire body, which causes it to regain its balance and self-heal.

Reflexology heals the whole body

Reflexology is a holistic therapy (the term “holistic” comes from the Greek language and originates from the word “holos” which means “whole”). It treats a human being as an indivisible individual who is one with his body, emotions, mind and spirit. Therefore, the therapist does not isolate the disease or condition and therefore does not treat it symptomatically. He also does not focus on the problem of an organ or a system but rather considers the issue in the context of the whole organism.

The goal of the reflex therapist is to influence the patient in such a way that he or she can regain physiological balance and thus restore health. However, it is not the therapist who cures the patient, but rather it’s the body that heals itself. The masseur only helps the body function naturally and properly.

What are the effects of reflexology?

The effects depend on the specific case and are generally about triggering the self-healing process. So, if persistent constipation is the problem, a colon receptor massage may have a cathartic effect. The tendency for the formation of kidney stones, manifested by palpable hypodermic graininess on the foot, impels the therapist to precise pressure compilation of maps corresponding to the urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder).

Reflexology can also help with migraines, nervous-emotional tension, hyperactivity, edema, and even in the deterioration of vocal skills due to the progressive reduction of the voice scale.

Reflexology is also beneficial for neuronal neurotransmission, blood and lymph circulation, metabolism, detoxification and cleansing. It improves the efficiency of internal organs and work of endocrine glands, tones muscles and blood vessels. The massage also has an analgesic effect.

A great solution to support wellbeing

Although sometimes a reflex massage can be painful, the treatments deeply relax the body and mind, and provide emotional calmness. Regular repetition improves the quality of sleep – it makes it easier to fall asleep and guarantees deep rest. It also improves the circulation of vital energy, adds vigor and improves the mood.

As a result, reflex therapy affects all four levels of wellbeing: not only the physical aspect, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual ones.

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