Move your body with yoga for the lazy

Along with the first rays of spring sun, most of us feel that our bodies are stiff and need a proper warm-up before the next holidays. However, before you start running, swimming or cycling intensively, you need to increase your body flexibility. By making this part of your routine, you will avoid sudden injuries and will be able to stretch “frozen” muscles.

How should you do it? Of course, it’s best to start with a simple, everyday morning stretching exercise, even those that you remember from PE classes at school. After just a few days of such exercises, you will notice that the body is gaining lightness and regaining energy to drive you throughout the day.

A traditional Thai Massage, which is often called “yoga for the lazy”, is beneficial for the body, as the massaged person takes many stretching positions coming from yoga exercises during the treatment. Sometimes they are very complex, and it is difficult for us to do them ourselves. In addition, through putting pressure on specific points and intensive stretching with the help of the therapist, the guest gets rid of stress, tension and pain.

What does this massage look like? First of all, we should bring loose and comfortable clothing – it can be a plain cotton T-shirt and a tracksuit. The whole massage is performed on a special mat. At the beginning, the masseur starts to slowly massage the feet and toes, then moves on to the ankles, legs, and then the upper body, rhythmically pressing and stretching each part. Everything is done in accordance with the centuries-old procedure.

A complete Thai Massage session should last a minimum of 1.5 hours, during which the masseur works intensively using his or her own body, rhythmically pressing the running aorta, thus unblocking the paths of flowing energy and making us feel deeply relaxed.

Warning: If you do not receive a traditional Thai Massage too often and are generally not very “stretched”, the first sessions can sometimes be painful. However, it is a pleasant pain that will help release the dormant energy in your body.

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