Specialty massages

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Massage to release tension

The treatment is a combination of light and strong pressure, stretching and massage movements that stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, and relax tense muscles. At the time of massage, the therapist most often uses her forearms and elbows, which makes the massage different from the classical intensity and strength. It is necessary to warm up the muscles. This massage includes full-body massage and foot massage and the 90-minute version also includes face and head massage. It is made with high-quality oil and gel from Aromatherapy Associates to relax tense muscles.

Pregnancy Massage

A special massage prepared for pregnant women that aims to relax muscles in the whole body, especially paraspinal muscles that can be extremely tense at this time. This massage improves blood and lymph circulation, preventing and reducing swelling of the feet and legs. It is performed in a position that is very comfortable for pregnant women – lying on the back and on the side. The therapist massages the whole body, head, gently kneads the face and feet, using the technique of putting pressure on the reflexology points. This supports the proper functioning of internal organs. The massage is performed only with natural oils, without synthetic dyes and flavours, and without preservatives or mineral oils. The massage can be used by all women in between 12-36 weeks of pregnancy.

Massage Therapy for Children

Massage therapy that focuses on calming, soothing and relieving muscle tension throughout the body. Thanks to its beneficial effect on blood circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system, the treatment supports the body’s natural immunity. In addition, it reduces hyperactivity, increases the ability to concentrate, relaxes the mind and helps maintain an optimal level of physical fitness. We perform the massage in two versions: classic, performed on a mat, or with the use of aromatherapy oils.

Legs, Foot and Head Massage

Combining acupressure and Ayurvedic techniques, the foot and leg massage with therapeutic properties will calm the body and strengthen the endocrine and lymphatic systems. A relaxing and calming Thai head massage will help relieve tension around the neck and shoulders and block headaches, which will allow you to fully relax and calm your mind. We perform the massage in a special, comfortable chair which allows you to reach an even higher level of comfort and relaxation.

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