Thai massages

After Thai Massage, life just gets happier and fills us with joy! By pressing the right points on the body, it also unleashes energy, which slowly releases blockades that cause pain and other weakness of the human body.

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Traditional Thai Massage on the mat

In Thailand they call it “Nuatphaen borate” (นวดแผนโบราณ), which is an ancient classic massage.It is a combination of several techniques: acupressure with elements of yoga, stretching and reflexology. During the massagevery slow and rhythmic compression of specific energy points on the body occurs, which relieves pain and releases the tension.

Original Aromatherapy Massage 22 Thai & Beauty

An extraordinary luxurious experience that will take you to another dimension of relaxation. An absolute bestseller. The treatment is a combination of light and strong pressure that stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow and relaxes tense muscles. The smell of oil is individuallyselected by the customer. The massage is also performed in anathletic version for the active clients.

Back Massage with elements of Thai Massage

Don’t be fooled by the name of this massage. Although its main purpose is to remove tension from muscles and joints around the arms and neck and to release the pain from back and head, other parts of the body are also massaged to maintain harmony. Massage helps in the treatment of chronic and post-traumatic pain as well as migraines.

Feet and Legs Reflexology Massage

Thai foot reflexology (nuadthao) is part of traditional Thai medicine. It’s a wonderful synthesis of Asian techniques. The massage is performed on a comfortable armchair. The therapist presses specific points on the feet with a wooden stick. In this way, individual organs of the body are stimulated, especially mental and digestive functions. Massage also improves overall health and redress excellent well-being.