A Thai stamp massage will allow you to survive winter

At the beginning of the year, the longing for the sun and spring increases. We feel as if we are losing physical and mental resistance. So, how can we warm up the body and senses, and strengthen the immune system when the world outside the window seems to be frozen? A traditional Thai Massage with herbal stamps is the way to go.

Pantai Luar, or herbal stamp massage, was being practiced in Thailand over 400 years ago. Initially, compresses were prepared for soldiers returning from battles to eliminate inflammation caused by wounds and injuries. They were also used to treat pain in tired muscles and joints.

How is a stamp massage performed?

Till this day, the method of preparing compresses has not changed much. A proper mixture of herbs is wrapped in a piece of cotton linen, the shape of which resembles a stamp. The compress is soaked and warmed up in steam to release the essential oils contained in the herbs. In our salon, we do it in a special heater, which is additionally equipped with an anti-bacterial UV lamp that ensures every compress is sterile clean.

Then, a hot stamp is applied during the massage to various parts of the body. The warmth of the compress opens the pores of the skin and lets the essential oils penetrate our body. In addition, the heat from the bag relaxes and alleviates muscle and soft tissue pain, so the body is better prepared for deep massage and stretching.

Depending on the composition of the compress, the effect of the stamp massage can be different. Our Thai massage salon brings original stamps straight from Thailand. Each mixture includes the following herbs that carry healing effects:

  • lemon grass – warms the body, stimulates circulation and digestion, accelerates the treatment of colds. It has antidepressant properties and increases skin blood supply. Its intensely sweet smell supplies the body with energy and stimulates it to action;
  • turmeric – has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improves blood circulation and liver function – stimulates it to increase bile secretion;
  • kafir – a plant of the citrus family that cleanses the skin and promotes digestion;
  • camphor – anti-inflammatory, antifungal and a disinfectant, prevents flaking of the skin.

Who can we recommend the herbal stamp massage for?

In winter, herbal compresses combined with a massage are a great way to improve immunity and nourish dry skin.Due to the benefits of essential oils contained in the herbs, this type of therapy is beneficial for those who suffer from muscle pain, work in a sitting position and are “eternally” tired and stressed, as the massage relaxes muscles, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, unblocks the energy flow and restores the overall harmony of the body.

If we add to this the relaxing and cozy atmosphere of our day spa Wilanów, a Thai Massage with herbal stamps can also be a great recipe for breaking the winter blues.

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